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Factory Info

About Factory Production:

Our Factory is Fully Oriented Knitted Garments manufacturing unit with latest machinery & highly skilled management. We have all kinds of latest Knitted Machinery for manufacturing for knitwear & woven garments for Men's, Women's & Kids along with we have all kinds of advanced stitching Machinery to stitch our garments as well too and give our customer maximum satisfactory results.

We are pleased to inform that we have 150,000 Pcs capacity to manufacture basic garments in a month and more than 175 highly trained employees work in our factory.

Management Commitment:


Management of SHAHBAZ GARMENTS puts it all efforts to run the business at its optimum levels to increase profit margin. It is being hoped that Garments industry will further get better in the coming years to maximize the profit margins.



The company has best equipment and skill employees to acquire the desired results. The Management of SHAHBAZ GARMENTS is willing to expand its current business to boost profits from the Manufacturing of Knitted and Woven garments.

The management has a plan to expand its business, having sufficient working capital to process, to meet its commitments in time. The management has continuous Orders in hand for next Six months



We have Continuous supervision by well-trained senior staff to maintain quality for Knitted & Woven Units.



  1. Visual Quality Inspections, shrinkage control tests on 100% fabric before cutting.
  2. Quality audit during cutting by quality inspectors.
  3. In-line inspection by highly trained quality inspectors during stitching.
  4. Full inspection of 100% garments after stitching.
  5. Extensive final quality inspection of 100% garments before packing.